Shipping Policy

Welcome to Theory & Whimsy

Your pursuit of knowledge and love for methodical precision has led you to the right place for gear that celebrates the wonders of science in every stitch and seam. Our goal is to ship quality products to you with precision and care. 

The Art of Tailored Crafting
Our creation process is as meticulous as a lab experiment, taking 8 to 16 business days to ensure every item is a testament to quality — precision-made, just for you.

Standard Delivery - The Principle of Reliability
Estimated arrival post-production, your discoveries will reach you within 5-7 business days.

Order $75 or more and will waive the shipping fee!

Accelerated Delivery - The Formula for Speed
After your order has been precisely crafted, anticipate its delivery within 2-3 business days. For rapid dispatch, an additional $13.99 will expedite its journey to you.

Diverse Origin Points
Just like elements sourced from different blocks of the periodic table, our products may ship from various locations, potentially arriving in separate, yet equally thrilling, packages.

Tracking Your Hypotheses
Once your item departs our lab, we'll send a tracking code—allowing you to monitor its progress to your door with the precision of a data graph.

Tailored Returns and Exchanges
For specifics on returning or exchanging your bespoke items, please reference our detailed Return and Exchange Policy.

Inquiries and Theorems
Got questions about your order or our scientific selection? Contact our team of experts at, or navigate to our Contact Us page for additional communication channels.

Parting Words of Wisdom
Thank you for selecting Theory & Whimsy as your partner in celebrating science with sophistication and a touch of whimsy, one carefully crafted product at a time.